Refund Policy

Orders are made to your specification and/or personalised by you, consequently you may not cancel the order once you have placed it and no refunds can be offered. In the unlikely event that an item doesn’t meet our published specification

Where the problem is clearly something that can be attributed to D2D-Print we will immediately re-do the job, send out replacement printing, and recover the defective batch. In the event that re-printing is not an option we will instead either recover the defective work and credit you in full or, where appropriate, negotiate a partial credit to compensate for less than perfect but useable goods. 

Where the cause of the problem cannot solely be attributed to D2D Print we will seek to find a compromise remedy with you, either crediting the job in part or re-printing at a reduced cost. 

Where the problem can be fully attributed to you, D2D-Print shall not accept liability in any part. 

In the unlikely event that a satisfactory resolution can not be found between us, D2D-Print will accept the resolution recommended by a third party arbiter. The arbiter being an independent third person accepted by us both. 

Our General Terms & Conditions should be read.